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Hi, and welcome to the Taos Properties News Page. We try to update this several times a year to give our clients and visitors a general understanding of current real estate market conditions, and to note any events which may be of interest. The market is moving and there are many opportunities.

Looking ahead, I am always optimistic and thinking there are great opportunities for both Buyer's and Seller's. Buyer's with realistic expectations can find the home or property of their dreams and can soon be living in the most magical place on earth. My best advice to Seller's, is to price your property realistically and be patient for the right home buyer to purchase your home. Buying and Selling real estate takes time and can be accomplished easily and with minimal stress using the right agents and office. Please call Taos Properties so we can assist with all of your real estate needs.

2012 440 $110m $250,000
2013 461 $126m $272,000
2014 471 $121m $257,000
2015 497 $134.6 $271,000
2016 (ytd 8.31.16) 304 $85.1m $280,000


We look forward to hearing from you. If you are planning a trip to Taos give us a call or email us. We like to offer clients what we refer to as a “map tour of the area”. We do this in the office to help you get acquainted with the nuances of Taos. We cover building costs, neighborhoods, topography, financial considerations, schools, and any number of things to help you with your decision making process. We find that any good decision requires comprehensive factual information coupled with a focused process. We give you the information you need to make smart decisions, and after that it can be fun and easy.There are many beautiful places in the US, but few compare to Taos. Sitting at 7,000 feet above sea level, we have the advantage of clean crisp air, consistent blue skies, and magical sunsets. It is worth the trip, even if you sit in one spot and just breath! If you want to do more than that, you can always watch the locals. They are as colorful as the sunsets, with just as much character!

John and Lisa Cancro