4 Simple Tips on Listing your home

Lisa - February 28, 2014

     Sellers are always asking me for tips when they start to think about listing their homes. Should I re-do the bathrooms? Update the kitchen? Change the bedroom furniture? Most of the time these major and costly renovations are not necessary and sometimes don’t have the return on investments as one would like. The most cost effective and time saving answer to staging your home for sale is simple. Just follow these four steps and I guarantee your house will show at its’ best:

*Fresh Paint
*Deep Clean
*Eliminate Clutter
*Stage your home

     These are manageable, effective and easy solutions with minimal costs and limited time from your busy schedule. Plus, this four step process moves in an easy progression to get your home ready to sell!

     First: Get ready to paint. A fresh coat of paint brightens the room by removing all the scuffs, hand prints, nicks, etc. giving your home a fresh clean feel. Crisp white walls are always a great start. If white isn’t your color, try Ralph Lauren Cream or another neutral color. Bring color in with your rugs, furniture and accent pieces not the walls. It’s easier for the potential buyer to concentrate when walls are neutral. I’ve seems my clients get distracted with too much color.

     Second: Now it’s time to clean…a really intense & deep clean. Move the couches and beds, dust the lights and fixtures. Clean out your refrigerator, oven & other kitchen appliances. Polish your floors & steam clean your rugs. Really make an effort to have the house spotless. If you can’t find the time, hire someone to help. A thorough clean is worth the effort & every penny you spend. Buyers will feel the cleanliness when they enter a house. In a subtle way it shows the potential Buyer that you take care of your home and have a pride of ownership.

     Third: While cleaning start de-cluttering! Get rid of; books, magazines, clothing, toys, furnishings that are cluttering your rooms. Look for a friend to share some of these items, or bring to a second hand store, library, or hospital. Clean out your closets and re-organize. People will open draws, closets, cabinets, etc. so when they see how organized you are they will be impressed. Also, when looking at homes, I want my clients to feel relaxed and comfortable so they can visualize themselves living in this house. Clutter & personal items can be distracting and clients can easily lose focus on insignificant items laying around your home. Also, make sure your front porch & entry way are clutter-free of toys, gardening tool, etc. A good first impression starts at the front door.

     Fourth: Staging your home is one of the top things that you can do to sell your home in this market. Remember…this is a HOUSE FOR SALE. So, go through each room and think how to make it more open & inviting. It could be as simple as removing side tables or changing the position of your living couches! Next, remove all personal items as they can be very distracting to the buyer. De-personalize each room and decorate only with accessories & minimal furniture. This might feel strange at first but preparing your house for the next owner is a necessary step in selling your house faster & achieving the most value for your property.

Please call Taos Properties so we can assist you in getting your property on the market and sold in a quick, easy and stress-free manner!