Varieties of Land for Sale, in Taos, New Mexico.

- June 27, 2014



Come to the high elevation and see all the beauty that Taos New Mexico has to offer. The diversity of land is equal to the diversity of the people who make up this unique and exceptional community. If you are looking to purchase land in our area, Taos Properties can help you find a variety of choices. You can purchase; land with mature trees in or out of town, land covered in sagebrush and juniper, or if you prefer you can go to the Taos Ski Valley and find gorgeous acreage of beautiful mountain terrain. If you are interested in Ranch Property there are a number of properties with abundant wildlife and pristine landscapes. Possibly land at the Taos Country Club on the 18th hole will peak your interest? The choices are endless.

When purchasing land you will buy either an improved or unimproved parcel. An improved parcel has a well already drilled and possibly a septic in place for you to begin your building process. Unimproved pieces will typically be less expensive and you will be able to install the well and septic system at your own pace, cost and convenience. There are parcels of vacant land in various subdivisions throughout the Taos area. Here you will not need to install either a well or septic as you will be on Town sewer and water. This is always convenient and a cost savings in the building process.

If you are interested in a real estate investment….you can buy now and hold for future use or wait for the parcel to appreciate and sell in the future. New Mexico is one of the last places in the United States where land is still available and affordable. The wonderful part of Taos County is that 38% of the county is privately owned. The remainder is owned by the Taos Pueblo, Carson National Forest. So the majority of the land will stay pristine & undeveloped keeping the integrity and beauty of our area intact.

Whatever your interests, there is so much available for you to see. Come and experience the beautiful landscape, crisp clean air and the endless skies that New Mexico has to offer. Taos Properties looks forward to helping you find the right parcel of land and can also help with finding architects, builders as well as craftsmen to help you build your dream home in the Land of Enchantment.

Valley Land

 These are the old parts of town and they typically hug the mountains to the north and east or hug the creeks and rivers. Land here is lush with meadows and stands of cottonwoods and lots of willow. In the spring there are huge fields of wild iris; in the fall its sunflowers and asters.


High Desert Sage

This is the land that forms the board alluvial plains away from the creeks and rivers. It is most plentiful to the west and the south as you leave the mountains. It is characterized by dry creeks (or arroyos) small plateaus (or mesas) and very few trees to obstruct the long vistas and gorgeous sunsets that Taos is known for.

Mountain Land 

This is land that occupies the higher elevations to the east and north. To the east in the Sangre de Cristo foothills it is characterized by pinon-juniper and rolling hills with dry creeks (or arroyos). To the north and around the Ski Valley it is lush with willow, mountain cottonwood and aspen. Some parts will require four wheel drive come winter.


Land In Town

Land in town tends to be small parcels snugly situated between existing developments. Taos Town has zoning laws that govern both type of development and density of development. In town land is typically serviced by town services, water, sewer, trash removal and thus can accommodate denser development than land in the county.