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Taos County Association of Realtors, President,



Hi! Thanks for visiting the site and my bio page. If you're interested in getting an overall understanding of Taos, and of our real estate market, I would like to help.

I began my real estate career over 26 years ago as a commercial leasing broker with CB Richard Ellis in Manhattan. I moved to Greystone Realty Corporation, an asset management firm, after finishing a Masters Degree in Real Estate at New York University. During my time at Greystone the company managed a portfolio of over 120 buildings worth over $1.2B. I was involved in several commercial acquisitions and learned much during my time there. I moved to Taos in 1994 to continue to pursue my passion for a full life as a husband, father of two girls and outdoors enthusiast.

I purchased Taos Properties in January 1999, after working for the company over four years. I have found that a strong work ethic can be very rewarding in a small community. I am enjoying the challenges of owning a small business and being involved with others who care about the future of the community we live in. My interests beside real estate, and my family, include yoga, both as a student and teacher, and skiing and hiking the Sange de Cristo range, which surround The Taos Valley.

Taos is surprisingly diverse for a small community. Many here think differently, and are not afraid of expressing opinions. Raising a family in a small community, while presenting challenges, has also been very rewarding. If your considering a permanant relocation, or the investment of a second home or commercial property, I would like an opportunity to talk with you. The transition from a large city to a small community has been everything we hoped for plus. Give me a call, I can help you get oriented and help you find a piece of the magic that is Taos.

The following article about John appeared in Enchanted Homes Magazine, vol. 32:

Committed to building trust and improving the quality of life
By Melissa Kennelly

John Cancro's real estate career began in 1986 as a commercial leasing broker in Manhattan where he also obtained his master's degree in real estate at New York University.

Ten years ago, John and his wife, Lisa, and their two young daughters began searching the West for a new home. They wanted to raise their daughters in a smaller community and live in a beautiful place where they could enjoy the outdoors.

They first explored Montana as their possible new home, but kept coming back to Taos after vacationing in New Mexico. “Taos would pull at us for weeks after we came back home,” John said, “and we took notice of it.”

John explained that the reason he and other urban expatriates are attracted to Taos is the town's rich culture and diversity. “City people are comfortable with diversity and are drawn to Taos because of its eclectic, multi-cultural environment.” John said Taos is an ideal place for folks who want to escape the harsh metro environment of a big city,

et retain access and exposure to the arts and cultural diversity. The wide-open space also provides relief for many who have lived their lives in the confines of towering concrete and steel. “New Mexico is a place where you can't help but reconnect with your spirit and your heart,” he said.

John has been studying a trend in real estate he terms “The Rocky Mountain Coast,” where there has been a movement of people from the East and West coasts into the quality-of-life environments found in the Rocky Mountains, from Montana to Albuquerque.
As a real estate broker, John is committed to spending time getting to know his clients and orienting them to the area before discussing properties. Most of John's business comes from word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied clients.

His relationship with a client or visitor begins at a round wooden table in his office, sipping coffee and nibbling on locally baked scones. As a self-proclaimed “map addict,” John adorns his office walls with a variety of maps of the Taos area that he uses to inform his clients about the region. Taos is not only diverse in its mix of cultures, but in the area's geography as well. “We have high desert sagebrush areas, valleys saturated by rivers and streams, the mountain alpine environment of the Taos Ski Valley, foothills and canyons,” John said. “I like to orient clients to these areas and then take them for a drive so they really get a feel for each area.”

John understands that buying real estate is an emotional time for people and that his priority is to build trust and make sure clients feel comfortable and safe with him and what they are buying every step of the way. “I encourage my clients to stay in touch with their gut feelings and to speak up if something feels uncomfortable.” John is also fiercely protective of his clients' privacy: “I don't talk about my clients to any other brokers.”

any of John's clients have become his friends because they get to know each other on a sincere personal level and find they have a lot in common, like the desire to raise their families in the richly layered small town of Taos. John said there have also been clients he did not get along with, and in such cases it has been better that they not do business together. “If it doesn't feel right, if I don't click with a client, if our values are different, then we don't have to work together.”

He emphasizes that Taos Properties is a small business geared toward individuals and achieving their objectives. It's about helping individuals and families realize their dreams and improving their quality of life. John is not interested in working with people who just want to play the real estate game.

In addition to his roles as a husband, father, and real estate broker, John hikes throughout the summer, skis away the winter, and practices and teaches yoga year-round. “Practicing yoga complements my world tremendously and has helped me to develop my intuition. My business is about taking care of people - it's about service. Using intuition in dealing with clients has allowed me to better serve them.”

Courtesy of Enchanted Homes Magazine and The Taos News.

Lisa Cancro

Owner/Broker # 17832

Office: 575-758-9500


Thank you for visiting our website. I hope that I can be of service to you as you begin your search for property in the Land of Enchantment. I have lived in the Taos community for the past eighteen years moving from New York with my husband John and our two daughters Alexandra and Olivia who are now twenty and nineteen.

The benefits of living in this small, diverse and multi-cultural community have been many. My connection to this community is strong and has helped me develop a sense of security, comfort, and well being over the years. One of the most significant and gratifying aspect of Taos, is getting to know the people and becoming connected in ways that only a close knit community can offer. Through our children as well as being business owners in Taos we have kept involved and active in our community on a daily basis. The other exciting aspect of living in this area is the ability to be immersed in nature and the many outdoor activities that are available to us. I spend the winter month mainly on the slopes of the Taos Ski Valley, while the summer evenings are set-aside for tennis, gardening and entertaining with family and friends.

I graduated from Syracuse University in 1984 and then immediately went to work in Manhattan for a Siebel/Mohr, a sales promotion agency for the next seven years. After our daughter’s were born, we moved from the east coast (stopping in Wyoming for a few months) and landed in Taos. I spent the first few years helping to establish my daughter’s current school- Yaxche Learning Center and then helped to create and become director of the Taos School of Cooking. The TSC (link) was created in 2001, as an ongoing fundraiser to help raise scholarship funds for Yaxche. Through the creation of themed classes and specialty chef dinners we have raised over $50,000 while creating a positive environment for celebrity chefs to teach and adults to learn the art of culinary cooking. The Cooking School has helped me understand how diverse Taos really is while improving my business management talents, focus to details, and most importantly helping to better educate the children of our community.

I also have worked with my husband since we established Taos Properties Real Estate Investments in 1999. I focused on daily business administration as well as marketing. I have now decided to take more of an active role in the sales area becoming a Sales Associate. My objective in this business is to assist you in finding the right property for your needs as well as helping you to understand the market and potential of real estate in the Taos area. I look forward to working with you and your family to accomplish your goals; whether it’s buying or selling a home, business or land. Please feel free to e-mail me or call me at your convenience to discuss your intentions for real estate in Taos. I look forward to working together and hearing from you soon.

Kindest Regards,
Lisa Cancro
Owner / Qualifying Broker

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Lori Wiechart

Office Manager

Hi I'm Lori Wiechart the Office Manager of Taos Properties and my responsibilities include assisting our clients and brokers with their real estate transactions here in Taos. Previously I was an art dealer in town and in Colorado, representing many Taos Artists both living and past.

I have over 10 years of business management experience, with a BA in Business Administration from Tiffin University, in Ohio. I was also the Quality Leader and Training Manager at the Sonnenalp Resort in Vail, CO and was a licensed real estate broker in Denver, CO. prior to my move to Taos in 2007.

I am currently serving on the Executive Board at The Harwood Museum Alliance and also on the Friends Board at Anansi Charter School. In addition, with my husband James, we are working on the restoration of our historic Ranch in Colorado. Once a part of New Mexico and moreover located in an area that was previously Taos County. We have partnered with the Colorado Historical Society in preserving this rare site while exploring the undocumented, undiscovered past of the rural West.

I am proud to be a part of the Taos Properties family as their Office Manager. I am passionate in the work I preform and grateful to have the opportunity to assist clients both new and old in fulfilling their dreams and creating a space here in Taos.

Kindest Regards,
Lori Wiechart
Office Manager