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It's Spring Cleaning time again!!

- May 3, 2016

Fellow Homeowners,

It's Spring Cleaning time again!! If you are planning on SELLING your are some tips to get it ready for listing. Your house will feel more inviting & comfortable with the clean fresh look after spring cleaning.

  • Replace your mats @ the front & back doors as it's always nice to have a clean entry to your house. Most mats get mucked up after winter use.
  • Sweep your front & back porches. Make sure the entrance & patios are neat, clean & well organized. It's almost time to bring out or uncover your outdoor furnishings so have your areas ready for furnishings.
  • Paint front door.
  • Prepare planters with spring & summer flowers.
  • Update towels & bed lines.
  • Clean out your refrigerator & freezer.
  • Clean out your kitchen cabinets & drawers. Now is the time to toss away any expired cans & jars. I like using Meyers Clean Day Basil Scent.
  • Deep clean carpets & rugs. Either do it yourself or hire a professional for cleaning service. Once all windows to let air flow through the house to help rugs dry.
  • Wash your blinds.
  • Wash your window. This isn't a job for everyone so call a professional if needed. This will make a HUGE difference on the appearance of your home both inside & out.
  • Clean light fixtures & light bulbs with a soft cloth.

An appraiser once gave me advice on preparing properties for sale....Sellers want to update kitchens & baths and do major renovations before listing their properties. The truth is you will not get additional value for these updates unless you're increasing the square footage. Best use of your time & money...Paint your walls & door and do a deep clean throughout your house to make it sparkle.

Call us for additional listing details, and ask for Lisa @ 575-758-9500