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Fall Maintenance Tips:

Lisa - October 8, 2015

Fall Maintenance Tips:

The leaves are changing from green to golden brown, yellow & burnt orange; the evening sun is setting earlier and Halloween decorations are filling up porches, windows & doorways. These are all the wonderful signs that fall is upon us!
If you're thinking about listing your home for sale or just want to stay on top of your house maintenance... fall is a good time to work on your property and prepare for the winter months ahead.
Let's begin our work outside.

*Paint front door. Giving it a nice fresh look for the fall.
*Have exterior wood oiled or painted.
*Remove planters to your shed or garage. If that's not possible remove the dead flowers and plants and make the planters neat & tidy.
*Wash your patio furniture. Bring all of your clean cushions inside for next spring.
*Repair any deck or patio issues.
*Wash your windows.
*Work on an overall manicure for your gardens. Clean out your vegetable gardens and raised beds, trim bushes, re-seed your lawn, and prune your trees.
*Clean the BBQ!
*Clean your gutters and spouts of debris Use your blower to remove leaves & old branches covering your lawn.

You will be happy that you have done these maintenance items when spring
2016 rolls around!