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5 Favorite Trails in Taos

Laura - May 8, 2019

I'd happily hike every day of the week, but we do need to make a living in order to travel full time, so most days find us typing away on our laptops at the Airstream's dinette. We can usually squeeze in some shorter lunch or post-work trails during the week and we save the longer, more remote trails for the weekends. In my opinion one of the best benefits of RV living is being able to park our home in places that offer miles and miles of trails right outside our front door.

The Taos area offered plenty of opportunities to get out, and even when the temperatures started dropping in December, that New Mexico sun kept us warm and wanting to hit the trails. Here are our 5 favorites in the area, including our post-hike watering hole recommendations.
If you're looking for more ideas on what to do in the area, including where to stay and all the places to stuff your faces, make sure to check out our full Taos Travel Guide.  


If you don't make it to any other trail in Taos, this was our favorite easy hike with stunning views down through the Rio Grande Gorge. We liked it so much we did it four or five times, starting it from both directions. You can often spot Big Horn Sheep cutting death-defying paths along the sides of the cliffs, and if you want to make it longer and more challenging you can combine it with the Rift Valley trail system (also great for mountain biking!) and come back up the Picuris Peak Trail. For a fun weekend day trip, park on the Route 68 side and then stop off for a glass of local Sangiovese at Vivac Winery in Dixon afterwards.


We hiked sections of the Devisadero Trail a few times during our stay since it was just a 5 minute drive from our RV park. Unfortunately, with the short winter days, we never made it out early enough to have enough time to complete the full loop in daylight, but it's a great moderate hike with killer views of the valley. 


Right across the street from Devisadero is the South Boundary trail system, which you can wander in a few directions for miles and miles. We loved this route on weekdays for walking the pup since the grades are never that steep, and with so many options it's easy to choose your own adventure and make it short or long, easy or hard. 


The drive out to Angel Fire was well worth it for a hike through forest and snow fields all the way up to views of Lake Monte Verde. If you want to make it a full day trip, pack a picnic and then after hiking, drive the long way home on the Enchanted Circle with a stop at Comanche Creek Brewery, which is housed in a tiny century-old homestead cabin in Eagle Nest, NM — it's one of the most unique breweries we've seen in all of our travels. 


We have a whole post dedicated to our quick hike down to Manby Hot Springs for a reason — a scenic drive and short hike to hot springs with nearby brews is a winner any day in our book. Even if you don't take the hike, it's well worth the drive out to Taos Mesa Brewery's Mothership location for a setting you can only find in Taos.